Kids World

For ages 0-10


At Kidsworld your children have the opportunity with lots of fun, exciting stories, and games to make friends and get to know God better. The children meet during the church service in different groups according to their age. Our team is delighted to welcome you and your children at the check-in area 10 minutes before the church service begin.

Koala Kids: 0-2 Years
Junglekids: 3-6 Years
Powerkids: 7-10 Years

Our Parent-Child-Room offers parents with children ages 0 to 2 years the opportunity to care for their youngest while the church service is streamed live into this room.

Crunch Time

For ages 11-14

Crunch Time

During the 10am church service – immediately after the worship, there is a special program for our youth aged 11-14 years called Crunchtime.

Here we have a lot of fun, play cool games and hang out with each other while enjoying some great snacks. Through biblical inputs we get to know Jesus more and find out how we can make a difference in our school, with our friends and in our family.


For ages 14 – 21


Youth is the place to be for young people aged 14-21 years old.

Our Youth Nights usually held every first and third Friday of the month are the perfect mixture of fun, spending time with friends and hearing relevant messages for our lives. Beyond that, we gather during the week in small groups (Connect Groups), in order to build relationships and deepen friendships.

For more information, such as about our unforgettable recreational activities that normally occur during spring and summer breaks, simply follow us on Instagram or join our Youth News WhatsApp Group.


For ages 21-35


ONE is designed for everyone between 21 and 35 years old. Through Connect Groups, ONE nights and various hangouts, we are able to build real, life-giving friendships, experience personal growth and support one another. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in the lives of others and to be an encouragement wherever you are: in an apprenticeship, at university or in the workplace.