Know God?

God Wants You to Know Him personally.

Most Christians start their journey to faith somewhere around this question – does God exists? And did Jesus die and then get raised to life again? Although there are so many more questions about life, faith and Jesus, the answers to these questions are really what Christianity hangs on.

We believe faith is not a crutch, is not wishful thinking, and is not contradictory to science or logic. In fact, we believe that philosophy, science and logic can all support the fact that it is possible to have a perfectly reasonable faith in Jesus. Yet, we also know that faith goes far deeper than rational thinking. It is about a living relationship with the eternal God.

Getting to know God

Everything begins with God.

Will you pray?

According to Romans 10:10 & 13, we can pray this prayer to God in faith:

Dear God, Thank you that you love me and want the best for my life. I see now that I have been living my life without you. I am so very sorry about this. Thank you, Jesus Christ, that you have forgiven me for choosing to live my life without you and that you have forgiven me for all of my sins because you died and rose again for me. I want to trust in You. I ask you to come into my life, to be my Savior and Lord. Please let me experience your love and discover all the good things that You have planned for my life! Amen.

What happens next?