Marriage & Family

A place of unconditional love. This is what God created marriage and family for. Healthy partnerships are close to His heart and are also very important to us as a church.

Whether you want to invest in your relationship as a couple, are thinking of getting married, or whether you already have children, are a single parent or are facing family challenges as a married couple, we would like to accompany you on your journey.

  • If you or your partner are a part of Open Door Church, it would be a privilege for us to marry you.

    If you aren’t a part of Open Door Church yet, you can still contact us trough our contact form. Our Pastors then have the opportunity to answer request individually.

  • We feel the responsibility not only to marry couples, but also to equip them with essentials so that their marriage lasts and is enjoyable.

  • A flatrate fee for preparation and travel can be agreed individually in a meeting with one of our pastors.

    Musical contributions by singers and musicians from our worship band are also possible by prior agreement and are fee based.

Marriage preparation

We are thrilled if you have decided to go through life together as a married couple in the future.

We offer a special course to prepare you for the adventure of marriage and to lay a strong foundation for a lasting and happy relationship. Trained mentors guide and work with you on the Twogether course material, a program that has been proven and trusted for over 30 years.

Marriage counseling

Are you looking for advice and encouragement for your marriage? Then perhaps our Marriage Course Connect group is the right place for you. Each of the 7 evenings begins, like a date, with a meal at a table for two. An input section followed by guided discussion times with your partner complete the evening. A worthwhile investment for any couple, whether you have a harmonious relationship or are struggling with challenges!

We also support couples who are facing difficult situations with personal counseling sessions.

Child Dedication

The blessing of children is a great step for both the parents and the child. Parents who “consecrate” their children to the Lord ask for God’s guidance and help in the upbringing of their children before the church community.

We support this step by praying for the necessary wisdom, strength and perseverance in their upbringing and by placing the children under God’s blessing and protection.