Dream Team

Making a real difference in the lives of other people through serving.

The Dream Team are the heroes of our church. They make a real difference in the lives of other people through serving in their gifts and talents.

The heart of the Dream Team is to serve God as we serve others. Discover your gifts, talents, and passions and learn how you can use them for God. If you would like to live a life full of joy, growth, and community, become a part of the Dream Team.

Church in action
We Help

Supporting those in need around us.

The heart of this team is to reach out and serve people in need. We help by distributing groceries every month, visiting lonely people, supporting with visits to the authorities and assisting them through difficult phases of their lives. Our help is given in Jesus’ name, with no strings attached and often times in collaboration with other ministries and organizations.

If you want to experience how hopeless people are touched and changed by God’s love in a very practical way, become part of Wir Helfen.

Church in action

We believe that everyone can play a part in showing God’s love.

Church in Action is on a mission to spread kindness and show the love of God within our local community. We’re dedicated to lending a helping hand through various activities like food drives, aiding the homeless, and supporting local schools. Our goal is to make our neighborhoods better, brighter, and more caring for everyone involved.

We strongly believe that by working together with volunteers and local organizations, we can make a lasting impact. By embodying God’s love through our actions, we strive to bring hope and positivity to those who need it most.

Church In Action takes place every second Saturday of the month