About Us

Open Door is a church for all ages and backgrounds, located in Lörrach, Southwest Germany.

Our Story

God writes the best stories. Even ours. The journey began in 1972 when our Founding Pastors Al and Gloria Veer came to Germany as missionaries with the Janz Team. From regular meetings and fellowship with people, to the first worship services in various gymnasiums in the tri-country area, finally, at the end of 1994, Open Door Church was officially established.

In March 2016, the position of lead pastors was passed on from Al and Gloria to Pastors Wil and Melanie (son-in-law and daughter of Pastors Al and Gloria), who have led the congregation ever since.

Open Door Church has evolved into a thriving and growing multi-generational congregation that has set out to become a multi-site church to reach its region with the message of God’s love – in word and deed. We believe that the power of God through the local church is touching and changing our region and we invite you to get to know our church.

Our Mission & Vision

Open Door Church exists to help people get to know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.

As a Church we are a part of the Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden (BFP) as well as we are a part of the Evangelical Alliance here in Lörrach where we are partnering on a local basis with other Christian Organizations and Churches to seek the best for our city.

Our Pastors

We see a church…

That cannot be ignored! Not because of the size of its buildings but the size of its heart! May people not be impressed by huge crowds but by crowds of people selflessly serving! May we not be known to be the cool and relevant church but may we known for our high character and zeal for God.

A church that is not just relevant but a church that is prophetic! That means we are always one step ahead because the Spirit of God always sees what’s coming!

A church that is not marked by the number of likes or prominence on social platforms but a church that is marked by the presence of God because He actually likes being in its midst!

A church full of people that are so gracious, forgiving and unconditionally loving because they have experienced the grace, forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus!

A church that is marked by its spirit of generosity always willing to be sacrificial in its giving, as well as able and equipped to give to every good work!

This is the church I want to pastor this is the church with an open door, an open heart, and this is the church with an open heaven over it pouring out blessing where there is not enough room to contain it.

Our Values

Next Steps

We’d love to help you on your journey of discovering God.